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"For Sale" signs
We have been asked by a couple of members, from the Pointe,  if "For Sale" signs are allowed. 
The answer is YES and below is directly out of the Rules & Regulations.
Section 1.1.2 Signs 
A Single "for sale" or "for lease" sign shall be permitted on any Lot being offered for sale or for lease, provided it does not exceed six (6) square feet. One sign per home site, no greater than six (6) square feet, specifying the general contractor actually constructing the dwelling on such Lot will be allowed. Such sign must be removed upon issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the living unit. NO subcontractor or supplier signs may be placed on the home site. 
Cars Parking on Sidewalks
An issue brought to our attention ~ when you have guests visiting and parking on the street, please ensure that they are completely off the grass and sidewalk.  We have many neighbors that like to walk and some that have slight handicaps, this is very inconvenient for them.  Please be considerate of one another.


Owner Maintained Yards
Posted on Aug 11th, 2022
Please do not blow grass cuttings into the street.  This will protect and help  keep the drainage system working properly.  Thank You :) 
New Office Staff
Posted on Jun 9th, 2022
We would like to Introduce our new Office Manager and Office Assistant to the Community.
Kennie Williams, Office Manager
Emilie Lego, Office Assistant
Please feel free to contact them in the office if you have any question or concerns. You are also welcome to stop by the clubhouse and say hello.
Speeding in the Neighborhood
Posted on May 20th, 2021
As the membership is aware, in an effort to protect residents, their children and pets from speeding traffic in the Community, stop signs and speed limit signs have been installed along Pelican Pointe Drive.  The posted speed limit is 20 MPH.  The additional signs are located at the intersection of Pelican Pointe Drive and Water Crest Circle, and the north west intersection of Pelican Pointe Drive and Ibis Way (adjacent to the children’s playground area).
The Board has taken these measures to slow down traffic and address this potentially dangerous situation that has been brought to our attention on numerous occasions by members located in the Pointe.  We ask that you have consideration for others and obey these speed limit and stop signs.  If however, you happen to see habitual offenders ~ please call the local Law Enforcement and complain.  If you see that it is one of the subcontractors ~ please make note of what property they are working on and report it to the office.  
This is our Neighborhood ~ Let all try to keep it safe!
New Committee Members
Posted on Feb 25th, 2021


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