Sulidae Project 2023

Sulidae Court Drainage Project
Nov 9 2023
It was a busy week.  On Monday Nov 6th the Executive Board approved our counter-offer to Earth Shakers LLC (ESM)  Proposal to construct a 600-foot bulkhead extension on the canal behind Sulidae Court.    Later that day our counter-offer was accepted.   The cost will be approximately ninety- thousand dollars.  On Tuesday, ESM met with all except one of the home owners directly affected by the construction and ESM explained the work and answered all of their questions.   Everyone left happy.  On Thursday, representatives from ESM, CAMA (Coastal Area Management Authority), and Pelican Point met for the required pre-construction briefing and ESM submitted their damage escrow check.    Later that day ESM commenced shoreline tree removal signaling the commencement of the anticipated two-week project.  
Sulidae Court Aquifer Project
10/19/2023 UPDATE
Sulidae Court Aquifer Project: The Executive Board voted on
October 16th to take the next step in the repair process,
which is to extend the existing bulkhead that ends near the
gazebo approximately 600 feet upstream to where the bank
is solid. This can be done under our existing CAMA permit.
We have a proposal from Earth Shakers, LLC to extend the
bulkhead 400 feet and the option (and their recommendation)
to extend it to about 600 feet so that the aquifer can be
entirely eliminated. The Board voted to set aside (for no
other use) funds in the amount of ninety-thousand dollars
estimated to be required for this project. As required by the
Bylaws the next step will be to obtain bids.
Date: 9/27/2023
Location: Behind Lots 15 thru 20 on Sulidae Court
SAFETY ALERT - STAY AWAY from the damaged section due to risk of fall or additional
collapse of the canal-side berm. A Safety Tape barrier is being erected as visual warning.
Tropical Storm Ophelia stormwater caused a washout of approximately ten feet of the canal side
bank, which is now at risk for further collapse. Erosion of the bottom of the aquifer has
occurred on both sides of the damage. This entire area is subject to further erosion during rain
events. Efforts are underway to minimize future erosion while working with a contractor and CAMA to
stabilize and eventually repair the damage.
We have been working with Timmons Engineering Group to develop a completion plan
for the aquifer since before the washout occurred and they told the Executive Board at our
September 11th meeting to expect a proposal in about a week.